“I have taken about 2 dozen courses in the past couple months.  This was THE BEST one!  Good trainer/presenter and solid, well put together info!”

“Loved the clarity.  Loved that it was to the point and edited perfectly.  There wasn't a section that I didn't understand.  The examples were clear as well.  Very well done!”

“Paced perfectly.  Good intonation.  Not boring at all.  Could tell he was teaching what he loves.”

“The best ever course on project management I have ever come across. Thank you!”


Maximize your value, minimize your costs

Supply chain design and management is about making choices and driving alignment between the functions in your business. Designing and managing a supply chain properly is key to maximizing profits, minimizing risk, and ensuring that you have the flexibility to respond to changes quickly.


Deliver better results from your projects

DIRECT Project Leadership is a new approach that is rapidly growing in popularity. Developed by Daniel Stanton, the DIRECT framework focuses on six key leadership pillars: Define, Investigate, Resolve, Execute, Change, and Transition. The DIRECT approach is the foundation for the popular LinkedIn Learning course "Leading Projects". (Approved for PDUs from the Project Management Institute)


Help your teams be more effective

Daniel Stanton is a seasoned trainer and public speaker with deep expertise in supply chain and project management. He can provide your audience with a new perspective on the work that they are doing, and practical tools to help them deliver better results.



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Transforming supply chains one project at a time!

Daniel Stanton, PMP, CSCP, SCPro, MCSE, MCP, MBA, M Eng is a global executive with expertise in supply chain management and project leadership. He has worked with Caterpillar, the U.S. Navy, APICS (now ASCM), MHI, and several smaller firms. He's also been a professor at Bradley University, Jack Welch Management Institute, and National American University. Daniel is recognized as a LinkedIn Learning Insider, a"Pro to Know" for Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine, and a Supply Chain Futurist for IBM Watson Supply Chain.



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